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Model BOP 6-125MG                           

BOP High Power Photo

The BOP High Power are true 4-quadrant programmable voltage and current power supplies. 4-quadrant operation means that they are capable of both sourcing and sinking power. These bipolar power supplies pass smoothly through zero to provide voltage and current. The BOP High Power use switch mode technology for low dissipation and function as regenerative (recuperative) loads and connected to an active load.

Regenerative Load/Recuperative Load

To maintain low dissipation while sinking power from an active load, the BOP High Power recuperates the energy for general reuse. This means that in sink mode, d-c from the active load flows back into the BOP, is converted to a-c and flows back into the a-c mains. This means that energy from the active load, instead of being dissipated as heat, is actually productive power that not only increases the efficiency of the BOP, but equally important, reduces the cooling required for the test environment. The key to this is a bi-directional a-c input power factor correcting (PFC) circuit, which allows transparent energy interchange without dissipative sinking. The PFC circuit lowers the line harmonic distortion of the input current while maintaining a power factor greater than 0.97. The PFC works in both generation and recuperation modes.

The BOP High Power models produce up to 1000 watts of d-c power bi-directionally in nine MG/ME models from 6V to 100V. Four EL/GL models, optimized for very low ripple and noise, making them ideal for magnets and other inductive loads, are available from 10V to 50V. Contact Kepco for voltage/current combinations not listed.

Digital Control

The BOP High Power models are controlled digitally from a front panel keypad or one of the built-in standard remote interfaces to set voltage or current and the four protection limits (+voltage, -voltage, +current and -current):
  • MG Models - includes both GPIB and RS 232, nine models from 6V to 100V.
  • ME Models - includes both LXI ethernet (LAN) and RS 232, nine models from 6V to 100V.
  • GL Models - includes both GPIB and RS 232 (optimized for for very low ripple and noise), four models from 10V to 50V.
  • EL Models - includes both LXI ethernet (LAN) and RS 232 (optimized for for very low ripple and noise), four models from 10V to 50V.
A large LCD displays the settings, mode of operation and the actual output voltage and current. Additionally, the BOP High Power can be remotely controlled by an analog 10V input. This mode is selected by the keypad from the menu, or remotely, through the IEEE 488, LAN, or RS 232 controller.

EPICS Driver (Linux compatible) now available!

A built-in arbitrary waveform (function) generator allows the BOP High Power Models to produce Sine, Triangular, Positive Ramp, Negative Ramp (sawtooth) and Square waveforms directly, without an external signal generator.


BOP High Power models are suitable for driving large magnets or motors, and for exercising batteries. They are also suitable for characterizing passive and reactive components, semiconductors and solar cell arrays, as well as powering many electro-chemical reactions. These models can also be used as either constant voltage-type or constant current-type electronic loads.

BOP 1KW EL and GL (Magnet Power Supply) Series Optimized for Very Low Ripple and Noise

The BOP-GL series (Magnet Power Supply) models are a standard modification of the 1KW that have been optimized for exceptionally low current ripple and noise and improved stability (drift and temperature), making them ideal for driving inductive loads such as large magnets or motors. BOP 1KW GL (Magnet Power Supply) bipolar power supplies pass smoothly through zero without switching to provide true voltage and current.

Model BOP 20-50GL
BOP High Power Photo
The BOP EL Model Magnet Supply Series is similar to the BOP GL, except that the GPIB interface is replaced by an Ethernet (LAN) interface. This allows control either through a web page using a browser, or by using SCPI commands via Telnet. The BOP EL Magnet Supply has all the same featurese of the BOP GL Magnet Supply .

Solar Device Testing

The Kepco BOP 1KW provides a one-step solution for test and characterization of solar cells and solar panels: see Kepco Applicaton Note "Using Kepco BOP 1KW for Solar Device Testing". A free LabView subvi allows rapid characterization of the solar device using only the BOP 1KW, eliminating the need for separate DVMs to measure voltage and current. The subvi is designed for both I-V Trace and Dark I-V testing, and can be plugged in or easily adapted to existing LabView test applications. Units with firmware version below 3.05 (find Firmware Version) can be upgraded to have this capability with Upgrade Kit 219-0533.

BOP 1KW are CE Marked per the Low Voltage Directive (LVD), EN61010-1 and the EMC Directives. See applicable Declaration of Conformity.


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