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Conditions of Conformance

When this product is used in applications governed by the requirements of the EEC, the following restrictions and conditions apply:

1. For European applications, requiring compliance to the Low Voltage Directive, 73/23/EEC, this power supply is considered a component product, designed for "built in" applications. Because it is incomplete in construction, the end product enclosure must provide for compliance to any remaining electrical safety requirements and act as a fire enclosure. (EN61010-1 Cl. 6, Cl. 7, Cl.8, Cl. 9 and EN61010-1 annex F)

2. This power supply is designed for stationary installation, with mains power applied via a detachable power supply cord or via direct wiring to the source power terminal block.

3. This power supply is considered a Class 1 (earthed) product, and as such depends upon proper connection to protective earth for safety from electric shock. (EN61010-1 Cl. 6.5.4)

4. This power supply is intended for use as part of equipment meant for test, measurement and laboratory use, and is designed to operate from single phase, three wire power systems. This equipment must be installed within a suitably wired equipment rack, utilizing a three wire (grounded) mains connection. See wiring section of this manual for complete electrical wiring instructions. (EN61010-1 Cl. 6.5.4 and Cl.6.10.1)

5. This power supply has secondary output circuits that are considered hazardous, and which exceed 100V d-c, able to deliver current greater than 10A d-c.

6. The output wiring terminals of this power supply have not been evaluated for field wiring and, therefore, must be properly configured by the end product manufacturer prior to use.

7. This power supply employs a supplementary circuit protector in the form of a circuit breaker mounted on the front panel. This circuit breaker protects the power supply itself from damage in the event of a fault condition. For complete circuit protection of the end product, as well as the building wiring, it is required that a primary circuit protection device be fitted to the branch circuit wiring. (EN61010-1 Cl. 9.6.2)

8. Hazardous voltages are present within this power supply during normal operation. All operator adjustments to the product are made via externally accessible switches, controls and signal lines as specified within the product operating instructions. There are no user or operator serviceable parts within the product enclosure. Refer all servicing to qualified and trained Kepco service technicians.


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