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Kepco Power Solutions
To make the right choice, you need a good deal more information than simply knowing the desired voltage and current. Separate Selection Charts are provided for instrumentation and modular units which can help you select an appropriate power supply for your application. The charts summarize key parameters of Kepco's products allowing:
  • comparison to similar Kepco models
  • links to web pages which provide a full description of each
  • links to printable specifications, either from the Kepco catalog or product brochures

The Instrumentation selection charts summarize:

The Modular selection charts summarize:
  • Power Range
  • Input Characteristics: AC input (Power Factor Correction, 115V a-c, 90-264V a-c wide range, 115-230V a-c selectable, 230V a-c), DC input (12V, 24V, 28V, 48V, 60V, 150V)
  • Electrical Output Characteristics: a-c to d-c/d-c to d-c, multiple/single output, auxiliary output
  • Output Adjustment Characteristics: Most groups include models in approximately the same voltage ranges: 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V, 28V and 48V. We have especially tried to make the range of adjustment wide enough so that, for example, 15V models are suitable for 13.8V applications and 24V models can function compatibly at 20V etc.
  • Physical Characteristics: Enclosed, L-chassis, U-chassis, DIN Rail Mount, PC Card, Optional Cover, Low Profile, Convection Cooled (no fan)
  • Safety/Warranty/EMI Characteristics: UL recognized, UL/CSA recognized, TÜV Approved, EMI (Class A or B), Medical Approval, RoHS Compliance, Warranty.

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