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Kepco Power Solutions
Kepco, Inc., headquartered in Flushing, NY, designs and manufactures well-regulated DC power supplies, electronic loads and associated electronic equipment. Through our 75+ year history, Kepco has acquired a reputation for consistently supplying our customers with the highest quality products. Our designs have pioneered the development of the modern power supply, with such firsts as the first programmable power supply, the first bipolar (4-quadrant) power supply, and the concept of the wide-band operational power supply. All products manufactured by Kepco are backed by a tradition of service that helps customers achieve reliable solutions to their power supply needs. As part of our continuous improvement program, our facility has been approved for certification to ISO 9001 by an accredited certification body.

NY State MANUFACTURING NOW Podcast of June 18, 2024: "From Oppenheimer to the Energy Transition" with host Steve Melito interviewing Mark Kupferberg.

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Kepco is committed to providing innovative solutions to power supply needs. We pursue this objective by providing high quality products in a timely manner, superior support and service and aggressive research and development of new products.

This video is a factory tour of Kepco Inc. in Flushing, Queens. Kepco Inc. produced by Made in NYC. A family owned and operated business for 75+ years, Kepco Inc. is a true Made In NYC business.

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