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Kepco has introduced an option (identified by suffix C) to optimize 200W and 400W BOP models for driving capacitive loads. This option makes the BOP more suitable for a wide variety of applications such as solar cell/solar panel testing, testing of piezoelectric driving devices, capacitor testing, driving and testing of capacitive transducers, and powering industrial- or lab-type applications with capacitive or capacitive-resistive loads.

BOP C option units are designed to operate in a stable manner in Voltage or Voltage Limit mode for capacitive loads up to 10 millifarads. They are also stable with any R-C load combinations.

They are also stable when driving any R-C parallel combination where load R is > or = to nominal value and C is < or = to 10mF. Load R (nominal value) = nominal output Voltage/nominal output Current (e.g., BOP 36-6MC, R = 36/6 = 6 Ohms. To prevent current limit mode operation, the equivalent impedence of the R-C parallel load circuit must be greater than the nominal R value at the working frequency. Static specifications representing accuracy for various influence parameters are identical to the standard BOP models. Ripple and noise specifications are better (approximately 50% lower) for the C option units compared to the standard BOP.

Consult factory for single and multiple unit pricing. Delivery 4-6 weeks ARO.

MODEL (1) Bandwidth (DC to f -3dB) Rise/Fall Time (4) Recovery at Step Load (5)
Resistive Load,
Nominal (2)
Load, 10µF (3)
BOP 20-10MC, DC
0 to 20V, 0 to 10A
8.9 KHz 15.6 KHz 42µS 120µS
BOP 36-6MC, DC
0 to 36V, 0 to 6A
13.5 KHz 16.3 KHz 32µS 95µS
BOP 50-4MC, DC
0 to 50V, 0 to 4A
11.5 KHz 15 KHz 35µS 100µS
BOP 100-2MC, DC
0 to 100V, 0 to 2A
5.0 KHz 5.6 KHz 74µS 115µS
BOP 20-20MC, DC
0 to 20V, 0 to 20A
4.8 KHz 5.3 KHz 75µS 225µS
BOP 36-12MC, DC
0 to 36V, 0 to 12A
15.2 KHz >20 KHz 24µS 70µS
BOP 50-8MC, DC
0 to 50V, 0 to 8A
11.5 KHz >15 KHz 35µS 100µS
BOP 72-6MC, DC
0 to 72V, 0 to 6A
6.5 KHz 8.3 KHz 60µS 184µS
BOP 100-4MC, DC
0 to 100V, 0 to 4A
6.0 KHz 8.0 KHz 66µS 190µS

(1) All specifications listed are for capacitive load models in Voltage Mode.
(2) 20V model only: Variation of the frequency response creates a larger 3-dB bandwidth when driving a        resistive load than for the standard model.
(3) Variations of the frequency response for the standard 10F load create a larger 3-dB bandwidth than for a        resistive load.
(4) 10% - 90%, with nominal resistive load.
(5) Load between infinity and nominal resistive values.

In voltage mode the bandwidth of the C option BOP is reduced versus the standard model, while the response time is increased (except for the 20V model, where the bandwidth is higher and the response time is decreased compared to the standard model). Variations of the frequency response can be nearly eliminated by reducing the bandwidth in voltage mode in a predictable manner. This is done using one customer-installed capacitor in parallel with the internal compensation capacitance to increase the compensation capacitance.

MODEL External Capacitor
(Added to internal compensation capacitance)
1nF 2.2nF 4.7nF 15nF 33nF 47nF 100nF
BOP 20-10MC, DC 8.0 KHz 6.3 KHz 5.2 KHz 2.6 KHz 1.4 KHz 1.1 KHz 0.55 KHz
BOP 36-6MC, DC 12.1 KHz 10 KHz 7.8 KHz 3.5 KHz 2.2 KHz 1.4 KHz 0.5 KHz
BOP 50-4MC, DC 11.0 KHz 9.0 KHz 7.0 KHz 3.0 KHz 1.5 KHz 1.0 KHz 0.5 KHz
BOP 100-2MC, DC 4.9 KHz 4.7 KHz 4.1 KHz 2.7 KHz 1.4 KHz 1.05 KHz 0.65 KHz
BOP 20-20MC, DC 4.6 KHz 4.4 KHz 3.2 KHz 1.3 KHz 0.7 KHz 0.6 KHz 0.5 KHz
BOP 36-12MC, DC 7.0 KHz 6.5 KHz 5.8 KHz 3.0 KHz 1.5 KHz 1.0 KHz 0.5 KHz
BOP 50-8MC, DC 11.0 KHz 9.0 KHz 7.0 KHz 3.0 KHz 1.5 KHz 1.0 KHz 0.5 KHz
BOP 72-6MC, DC 6.5 KHz 6.0 KHz 5.3 KHz 2.7 KHz 1.4 KHz 0.9 KHz 0.5 KHz
BOP 100-4MC, DC 6.0 KHz 5.4 KHz 4.2 KHz 2.5 KHz 1.5 KHz 1.1 KHz 0.5 KHz

                            NOTE: The listed bandwidth values are for C option units in voltage mode, nominal resistive load.

In Current Mode the dynamic specifications are almost identical for all BOP C option models: 3-dB bandwidth of 4.9kHz and rise/fall time of 72mS (lower bandwidth and higher rise/fall time than the standard BOP models).


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