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TLD 488-16 are MATE verified interactive digital programmers for the Kepco ATE (unipolar) and BOP (bipolar) power supplies. TLD 488-16 accommodates up to four plug in boards each of which is capable of controlling up to 4 power supplies. A full system is capable of controlling 16 independent power supplies using CIIL commands as ta talker-listener.

Kepco's TLD 488-16 exploits the uncommitted amplifiers in each ATE or BOP power supply, to check the actual output against the setting, reporting back to the host controller if an error is detected (>0.1% in voltage mode, >1.0% in current mode). Additionally, the TLD 488-16 monitors the power supply's flags to report whether it is in voltage or current mode (overload)and whether or not its crowbar had fired.

AS the TLD 488-16 calculates the necessary percent-of-full-scale setting for every power supply under its control, commands can be given directly in Volts and Amperes.

Resolution is 12 bits (1 part in 4095).

A separate 9-line relay driver port is provided to control MATE verification relays. The relays are manufactured in two sizes: 25A and 200A. These are interposed between the power supply and your load and, on command can open or close the power and sense connection. The relays are called TR 25 and TLR 200. The shelf they mount on is ADR 4 and /or ADR 1.

An interface connector called PCA connects the TLD 488-16 to the power supply it is to control. (The PCA plugs into the power supply's user port. The TLD 488-16 plugs into the PCA identified by voltage and size is required for each power supply. An internal card is used to connect TLD 488-16 to BOP.


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