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CE MARK   5 Year Warranty
Series BHK-MG Kepco's BHK-MG are high voltage, linear, voltage-current stabilizers with rectangular (automatic crossover) output characteristic and ultra low noise and ultra low ripple at the output. All models are MIL-STD-461 compliant. They are offered in two sizes: a 40 watt half-rack design and a 200 watt full-rack power supply. The four models in each size have outputs of 0-300 volts, 0-500 volts, 0-1000 volts and 0-2000 volts. Both digital and analog programming control is featured.


BHK-MG models are designed for bench or rack mount use with both front and rear output terminals. Two operating modes are available: conventionally filtered (slow mode) for use as a fixed or slowly varied voltage source. In this mode,the output capacitor provides excellent energy storage to support transient loads. A fast mode is also available. In fast mode, the output capacitor is disconnected and the power supply depends on its fast-responding feedback loop to suppress ripple and noise. Fast mode is ideal for operation as a current source or as a rapidly programmed voltage source where the energy storage of a conventional output capacitor would inhibit the output voltage's agility.

Control is either analog or digital. Analog control is based on the idea of an operational amplifier in which the power supply output is programmable from zero to maximum with a 0-10V signal. Digital control is either IEEE 488.2 or RS 232 using standard built-in interfaces that support SCPI. Resolution is 12 bits and controls both voltage and current. A front panel keypad provides local control. Both digital control (local or remote) and analog control can be inputted simultaneously. Software drivers are available to facilitate integration into a test system.

BHK-MG 200W Series power supplies are able to sink up to 5% of the nominal current when in voltage mode and 50% of the unit's maximum rated current when in current mode (75% for 40W models). The fixed current mode sink value is model dependent and has a a tolerance of 10%. This capability is useful in applications such as capacitor testing, where the sink capability allows the rapid discharge of the device under test, permitting subsequent tests to be started earlier, thus increasing the throughput of the testing process.

The display is an alphanumeric two-line LCD which provides both setting values and actual voltage and current readings.

BHK-MG use a solid state, FET-based, high voltage output stage.

BHK-MG are CE Marked per the LVD, EMC and RoHS 2 Directives. See applicable Declaration of Conformity.

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