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NOTE: RCW Models are obsolete. Availability is limited to factory stock. Only models listed on the BUY page are available. Suggested replacements are as follows:

Model No Longer Available Suggested Replacement
RCW 350W Series AK 350W
Series (1)
AK 450W
Series (1)
AK 650W
Series (2)
AE 800W
Series (3)
RTW 300W
HWS 300W
Zero Up Series
RCW 3.3-70K N/A N/A N/A AE800-12 RTW 3.3-70KC N/A
RCW 5-70K N/A N/A N/A AE800-12 RTW 5-60KC HWS300-5-27311
RCW 12-30K N/A N/A AK650-12 AE800-12 RTW 12-25KC HWS300-12-27312
RCW 15-24K AK350-15 N/A AK650-15 AE800-15 RTW 15-20KC HWS300-15-27313
RCW 24-16K N/A N/A N/A AE800-24 RTW 24-13KC HWS300-24-27314
RCW 28-13K N/A N/A N/A AE800-30 RTW 24-13KC N/A
RCW 48-7.5K AK350-48 N/A N/A AE800-48 RTW 48-6.5KC HWS300-48-27315
RCW 750W Series AK 650W
Series (2)
AK 1000W
Series (2)
AE 800W
Series (3)
HSM 1000W
HWS 600W
Zero Up Series
RCW 3.3-150K N/A N/A N/A HSM 3.3-230 N/A  
RCW 5-150K N/A N/A N/A HSM 5-200 N/A  
RCW 12-62K AK650-12 AK1000-12 AE800-12 HSM 12-84 HWS600-12-27316  
RCW 15-50K N/A N/A AE800-15 HSM 15-66 HWS600-15-27317  
RCW 24-31K N/A N/A AE800-24 HSM 24-42 HWS600-24-27318  
RCW 28-26K N/A N/A AE800-30 HSM 28-36 N/A  
RCW 48-15K N/A N/A AE800-48 HSM 48-21 HWS600-48-27319  
RCW 1500W Series AK 1500W
Series  (2)
AE 1500W
Series  (3)
AK 3000W
Series (2)
AEK 3000W
Series (3)
HSM 1000W
Series (4)
HSM 1500W
Series (4)
RCW 3.3-300K N/A N/A AK3000-12 AEK3000-12 HSM 3.3-230 (4) N/A
RCW 5-300K N/A N/A AK3000-12 AEK3000-12 HSM 5-200 (4) N/A
RCW 12-125K AK1500-12 AE1500-12 N/A N/A HSM 12-84 (4) N/A
RCW 15-100K N/A N/A N/A N/A HSM 15-66 (4) N/A
RCW 24-65K N/A AE1500-24 N/A N/A HSM 24-42 (4) HSM 24-60 (4)
RCW 28-55K N/A AE1500-30 N/A N/A HSM 28-36 (4) HSM 28-53 (4)
RCW 48-32K N/A N/A N/A N/A HSM 48-21 (4) HSM 48-30 (4)
(1) Not programmable.   
(2) Programmable from 30/40% to 105%.   
(3) Programmable from 0 to 105%.
(4) Parallel multiple units for higher current.
RCW Models


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