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Kepco Power Solutions

Individual Load Characteristics

  • Base Unit - Includes front panel controls and indicators for Amps, Volts and KW
  • Computer operated LabVIEW™ capable
  • Constant current, voltage, power, resistance, conductance and short circuit modes
  • Readback voltage, current, power and load status 60KW CONFIGURATION OF EL LOADS IN PARALLEL
  • USB and RS-232 are standard
  • Optional Ethernet Control in addition to USB and RS 232
  • Optional GPIB Control in addition to USB and RS 232 (for Dual units the GPIB interface replaces the standard RS 232 and USB interfaces)
  • Comprehensive SCPI command set
  • Monitor load current via computer or analog output
  • Use unique test patterns from an Arbitrary Waveform Generator via the external analog input
  • Remote voltage sense eliminates error caused by voltage drop in test leads
  • Transient capability, 50 microseconds to 10 seconds
  • Repeating transients, repeating every 100 microseconds to 10 seconds, from 2 to 10,000 times
  • Programmable leading and trailing ramps on output changes, from 100 microseconds to 10 seconds

Simple System Integration

  • Up to 60KW into one 8 ft. rack
  • Control up to 15 slaves with one master (75KW)
  • Computer controlled and/or front panel operation with display for voltage, current, power and status
  • Simple operation - no deep menus to contend with

Reliable and Rugged

  • High power semiconductors are heat sinked for cool operation
  • Very low internal resistance ensures fast and clean switching operation
  • Power devices individually fused for complete protection
  • Internal thermal sensors ensure uniform power distribution for long reliability
  • Isolated test bus allows a wide range of source (DUT) configurations

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