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Model MBT 150-2.4MG

MBT-G Power Supply

Kepco's MBT-G series (denoted by suffix "G") are bench-style instrumentation power supplies that offer a choice of control methods including direct entry keypad, slew up/down keys, rotary controls and three communications ports: IEEE 488.2, RS 232 and Kepco's single address, multiple instrument long range serial bus. These power supplies offer ultra low noise and ultra low ripple at the output and are MIL-STD-461 compliant.

MBT-G have a built-in SBC (Single Board Computer) that provides talk-listen capability using IEEE 488.2 and RS 232. MBT-G units support SCPI and CIIL. A single MBT-G can be used to control other power supplies via the two-wire serial bus. The master MBT-G can be controlled from a central GPIB host or may be self-controlled from its own keyboard. Using the serial bus, a master MBT-G can address and control up to 27 units, including itself. The remote units may be other MBT power supplies, or Kepco's MAT power supplies (360W, 720W and 1080W sizes), or Kepco's MST, 200W units or BOP power supplies with the TMA serial card. In all cases, full talk-listen communication and control is maintained and can be relayed to a GPIB host through the SBC.

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A 24-key front panel keypad is the primary manual control input. Many keys are dual-purpose, providing direct entry of voltage, current and protection values. In their alternate mode, the keys provide a variety of functions such as "GPIB address", "Store" and "Status."

Conventional knobs provide a comfortably familiar feel for the adjustment of voltage or current. The knobs drive optical encoders to provide input to the control system. A pair of up and down slew controls are an alternate way to control the output incrementally.

MBT-G employ a menu scheme to guide users through the various functions. In program mode, MBT-G prompts you to enter values for all functions and parameters. Values may be stored in non-volatile memory and recalled at will. A series of values can be programmed to execute in a repetitive fashion.

All models are equipped with a long range (300m) serial data interface to support multiple instruments on a single GPIB address. (See the MBT Block Diagram)


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