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This page is intended to help you fill out the on-line form correctly and supply us with all the information needed to process your order. We will lead you step by step through the ordering process. To answer specific questions, use the short cuts at the left.

If you're confused, please let us know by giving us some FEEDBACK. We welcome your suggestions and are eager to meet your needs.

  1. First fill in the desired quantities on Kepco's BUY NOW page and click the appropriate PLACE ORDER button.
  2. The order will appear in a CONTINUE SHOPPING page that lists the Models and quantities you are ordering, the cost, and the total order cost.
    • To change the quantity simply change the quantity and click RECALCULATE.
    • To delete an item, change the quantity to 0 and click RECALCULATE.
    • To order additional Kepco products click the CONTINUE SHOPPING button. You will return to the BUY NOW page. You can then order additional items from that page, or navigate to another BUY NOW page, insert the quantity and click PLACE ORDER. The order will accumulate.
    • When you are finished, click GO TO PAYMENTS.
  3. The order will now appear in a PAYMENT OPTIONS page.
    • Verify the Products, Quantities, Prices and Total Amounts are correct.
      • IF the QUANTITY is incorrect, use the BACK button on your browser to return to the CONTINUE SHOPPING page, change the quantity, click RECALCULATE, then click GO TO PAYMENTS.
      • If the model is incorect use the BACK button on your browser to return to the CONTINUE SHOPPING page, change the quantity to 0, click RECALCULATE, then click CONTINUE SHOPPING to add the correct model. Click PLACE ORDER, then GO TO PAYMENTS to get back to the PAYMENT OPTIONS page.
    • Enter the following information in the MESSAGE BOX. (The text that already appears in the message box can be deleted; it is provided only as a reminder. Use the scroll bar to see more)
      • If you have purchased products from Kepco previously and have credit approval, enter the Authorized buyer's name and Purchase Order number.
      • Enter your tax classification.
      • Enter the Shipping Method The choices are:
        • Ground
        • Federal Express Priority Overnight
        • Federal Express Standard Overnight
        • Federal Express 2 Day delivery
        • Federal Express 3 Day delivery
          NOTE: US Mail (USPS) is NOT available as a shipping option.
      • Enter any other special instructions (such as Do not ship before [date])
    • Fill in all Invoice Details. In the NAME box Include your name AND company name (e.g. John Doe, Public Corp.)
    • Fill in all Delivery Address details only if the product will be shipped to a different address than the invoice.
  4. Click on the CONTINUE button. The Payment Options page will now display the Product/Amounts, Message text (P.O. number, buyer name, tax class, shipment method, etc.) Invoice details and delivery address.
    • If there is a mistake in the invoice details or delivery address click the BACK button on the browser, correct the information and click CONTINUE.
    • If you are paying by check or money order, or via established account (purchase order) make your choice, then click SUBMIT ORDER and your order will be processed.
    • If you are paying by credit card click SSL SECURE PAYMENT. Enter your credit card information and click SSL SECURE PAYMENT and your order will be processed.
    • You will receive an e-mail receipt listing the products purchased, prices, order total, and the address information and special instructions you provided us, as well as your order number for any future inquiries.

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