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This page is designed to answer questions about ordering Kepco products via our web site. If your question is not answered, please let us know by giving us some FEEDBACK. We welcome your suggestions and are eager to meet your needs.

What products can be ordered via the Web?

Most Kepco product information pages display the BUY Flag logo which links directly to an on-line order form.

Why would I want to order via the web?

  • Convenience
  • You need it right away
  • Reduce your paper work
  • Avoid your "corporate bureaucracy"

When are web orders not recommended?

  • If you're not sure the product meets your needs or you have questions regarding your application, tech support, import regulations, duty fees, etc., we recommend you contact the Kepco Representative or Distributor in your area.
  • Although the orders can be placed via the web, if you are doing repetitive buying of OEM quantities it is recommended that you contact the Kepco Representative or Distributor in your area, or contact Kepco directly to establish shipping schedules, discounts, etc.

Who can order via web?

The Kepco e-commerce feature is available to all customers. However, for orders outside the U.S. we recommend placing orders through our authorized Kepco Representative or Distributor. They are prepared to deal with matters such as import regulations, duty fees, freight/shipping charges, etc. and can also provide local technical support of the Kepco product.

What Payment Methods are accepted?

  • Prior Account: For customers who have purchased products from Kepco previously and have credit approval. Authorized buyer name and Purchase Order number are required.
  • Credit Card: Mastercard, VISA, Discover, American Express only
  • Check or Money Order:
    • Check must be drawn on US Bank
    • After the order is placed, you will be contacted via email as to total invoice including shipping, handling and tax as applicable
    • Allow 1-2 weeks for check clearance and processing

Will I receive an acknowledgement?

  • You will receive an e-mail receipt listing the products purchased, prices, order total, and the address information and special instructions you provided us, as well as your order number for any future inquiries.
  • If the unit is in stock, it will be shipped within 24 hours and you will not receive an acknowledgement.
  • If the unit is not in stock, you will receive an email acknowledgement with scheduled shipment dates.

Is there help for completing the Order Form

Yes. Go to E-Commerce Instructions.

What Shipment methods are available?

  • Ground
  • Federal Express Priority Overnight
  • Federal Express Standard Overnight
  • Federal Express 2 Day delivery
  • Federal Express 3 Day delivery

    NOTE: US Mail (USPS) is NOT available as a shipping option.

How are shipping and handling costs added?

Based on shipment method selected, these costs will be calculated by Kepco after the order is submitted and added to the total. These will not appear on the bill generated on-line. Additional information regarding SHIPPING is available.

Is my credit card information secure?

Yes! Credit card information entered is uploaded (by you) and downloaded (by us) via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. Once the information has been downloaded, the record is deleted from the secure server.

What happens to information collected by Kepco

Personal or credit card information supplied to Kepco is used to better serve our customers and is never sold, rented or traded. The e-mail addresses of those who communicate with us via e-mail, and any information volunteered by the customer, such as survey information, site registrations, or e-commerce is used to contact customers and/or to improve the content of our Web pages.

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