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COMMUNICATING WITH THE VXI COMPUTER: The TMA VXI-27 communicates with a VXI computer via the VXIbus (an abbreviation for "VMEbus eXtensions for Instrumentation") which is based on the worldwide VMEbus standard (IEEE STD 1014). The VXI backplane includes the 32-bit VME computer bus as well as high-performance instrumentation buses for precision timing and synchronization between instrument components.

The TMA VXI-27 communicates through the VXI backplane with the Resource Manager (Slot 0 Controller) using commands in either the default language, SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) commands (default), or CIIL (Control Interface Intermediate Language), the alternate language. The VXI Resource Manager, known as the Slot 0 Controller, is a common resource system module containing the VMEbus Resource Manager and VMEbus System Controller. The Resource Manager provides configuration management services, commander/servant mapping, self test and diagnostics.

COMMUNICATING WITH THE POWER SUPPLY: The VXI Slot 0 Controller can set the output voltage with current limit, or the output current with voltage limit of any one of the 27 KEPCO Power Supplies interconnected through the Control Bus to the TMA VXI-27. It can then program the TMA VXI-27 to read back (through the Control Bus) the actual output voltage and current delivered by each of the power modules to their respective loads. The TMA VXI-27 continually polls all of the power modules on the Control Bus for error flags. All data transmissions between the Slot 0 Controller and the TMA VXI-27 are ASCII encoded. The values for the command parameters can be written in integer, decimal or scientific notation.

When used with the VXI plug&play driver, communicating with a power supply is greatly simplified. The user is presented with a graphic representation of the controls and indicators of the power supply. Using the mouse, the user manipulates the virtual controls in much the same way as the controls on the real instrument would be set.


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