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TBC Rack mount photo

Model TBC 24-25M--Rack mount style

Kepco's TBC are designed as battery chargers, for float-equalize service to maintain battery arrays such as are found in many telecommunication installations. The TBC are fully filtered and stabilized battery eliminators that also find application as burn-in power supplies. Nine models are available.

NEWKepco can also provide full service customized DC power distribution systems to match the power supply output(s) with your load(s).

The float and equalize settings are fully independent adjustments whose settings are made by screwdriver access through small sliding doors in the front panel. The digital voltmeter allows precise adjustment. A digital ammeter displays the charging current.

TBC Rack mount rear view

Rear View

If the current drops to zero -- either because the a-c mains power to the TBC is lost, the front panel circuit breaker is turned off or the voltage setting is adjusted below the battery's voltage, a "charging stopped" LED is illuminated and a flag signal is provided.

Equalize mode can be selected either with a front panel push button -- or a remote contact closure. This sets the voltage to the equalize level (adjustable). A timer is activated that will reset back to float mode after a period of time (0.1 to 99.9 hrs) that can be set from the front panel with a thumbwheel selector. A flag signal is produced when the TBC is in equalize mode.

Model TBC 24-25M--Wall mount style style  

TBC wall mount photo

Kepco's TBC employ high frequency switching technology (100-150KHz forward converters) for high efficiency, small size and light weight. The output is filtered so that residual voice band noise (on battery) is below 22dB rnC.

For Rack-mounted units, an optional relay board (C suffix added to the model number) provides a duplication of the logic flags through Form C dry switching relay contacts that are isolated from the input/output terminals of the unit. The relay board is standard in wall-mounted units.


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