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Kepco Power Solutions
  • 40 watts, linear 4-quadrant operation.
  • FET output stage.
  • Preamplifiers for summing and scaling arbitrary input signals.
  • Wide bandwidth.
  • Voltage and current stabilization with automatic crossover to current and voltage limits.
  • The BOP-HV incorporates two separate control channels, for local (front panel) or remote control of the output current and the output voltage. In addition, bounding currents for bipolar voltage and current limiting are provided which may be adjusted manually (by front panel controls) or can be remotely programmed. All control and bounding channels are connected to the bipolar (Class A) output stage via an "EXCLUSIVE-OR" gate, so that only one circuit is in control of the BOP-HV at any one time.
  • The amplifier in each channel is controlled via a zeroable preamplifier offering a minimum of 20,000 volts per volt open loop gain. These preamplifiers may be unstrapped and used as uncommitted amplifiers for signal scaling and summing. With their internal input/feedback elements, they function as unity gain inverting amplifiers driven by either the panel-mounted zero center controls, or an external -10V to +10V signal applied through the front panel binding posts. Their terminals are accessible at the rear for operational control with external feedback.
  • All rear programming and flag connections are made through a 30-terminal plug which can be wired for various control functions. To realize the full high speed potential of the BOP-HV, the load characteristics should be mainly resistive. Load capacitance and inductance up to 0.01F and 0.5 mH, respectively, can be tolerated without performance deterioration.
  • NEWRemote programming of voltage, current or both channels by external analog volage. Kepco's SN 488 Digital Programmer facilitates digital programming via GPIB interface.

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