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Title: Don't Touch My TPS - Mark Kupferberg

Date/Time: , August 31, Session 2C4, 1:30 - 3:00PM
Location: Gaylord National Convention Center, Room Baltimore 4
Abstract: The need to extend the useful life of ATE systems is often seen as a hardware problem. Replacing aging computers and obsolete instruments is the obvious challenge. The elephant in the room is that new computers and new instruments often require changes to the Test Program Sets (TPS's). As time consuming and difficult as it is to select and integrate new computers and instruments, changing and validating the TPS's is a daunting task. The limited availability of qualified personnel, legacy system documentation, UUT's to test the modified TPS's and time creates the need to control the scope of TPS changes. This paper explores approaches to minimize required TPS changes and the resulting need for validation when an instrument becomes obsolete and unavailable. It details examples of instrument level changes to hardware and firmware in modern replacement instruments that have successfully avoided significant TPS changes. This includes developing compatibility with legacy instrument instruction sets that deviate from industry standards, understanding older instruments' special capabilities, as well as supporting timing issues created by the use of faster, modern computers. The paper describes examples of the need to identify tradeoffs where undocumented features of the obsolete instruments are utilized in the TPS and how firmware changes to the replacement instruments solved the issues. The paper also discusses how the instrument supplier insures continued support for the future by developing validation tests to insure future changes to the replacement instrument continue to insure effective replacement.

Title: Approaches to Minimizing Murphy's Law On Single Point of Failure Power Supply Systems - Marian Bulancea

Date/Time: Wednesday, August 31 from 1:30 - 3:00PM.
Location: Gaylord National Convention Center, Room Baltimore 5
Abstract: Abstract Ś Considering Murphy's law, "If anything can possibly go wrong, it will, and at the worst possible time", there is a myriad of problems which need to be solved by "No single point of failure power supply systems" by designers, integrators and users. The paper covers factors to be considered in design, installation and maintenance in context of 30+ years of experience and lesson learned approach to building redundant, fail-safe power supplies for mission critical applications. Aspects explored are output redundancy, input redundancy, programming and I/O fail safe and overcoming environment challenges. These environmental challenges include methods for deploying fault tolerant systems in high temperature, wet, dirty, corrosive and explosive applications

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