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Bipolar BOP 2X Linear Dual Channel
200W ()two 100W channels and 400W {two 200W channels} power supplies. Each channel is completely isolated, independent and functionally identical.

Bipolar BOP Multichannel Linear
100W, 200W 400W units in custom cabinet. Bipolar BOP 1KW Multichannel High Power
BOP 1KW models in custom cabinet.

Bipolar BOP 1kW to 7.5kW
BOP 1KW preconfired parallel/series configurations.

KHX Military Applications Datasheet (2 pages)
For harsh environments: Sealed, submersible, explosion proof.

KHX Harsh Environments Datasheet (8 pages)
Sealed, submersible, explosion proof.

ATE Power Supplies Datasheet
50W, 100W, 250W, 500W, 1000W: unipolar, analog-controllable, linear, precision, unltra-low noise/ripple.

BHK-MG Power Supplie Datasheet
200W, 40W Unipolar, high voltage linear, ultra-low noise/ripple, GPIB controllable.

BOP Power Supplies Datasheet
Specifications for Kepco's Bipolar Series of BOP Power supplies.

BOP-E Datasheet
Specifications for Kepco's Bipolar power supplies controllable via Ethernet/LAN.

Electronic Loads (EL Series) Datasheet
Modular aircooled, DC electronic loads used to test power sources such as batteries, power supplies, generators, chargers, fuel cells, etc.

Ethernet Power Supply Specifications
Specifications for Kepco power supplies controllable via Ethernet/LAN.

HSP/HSF Power Supplies Datasheet
Guide to Kepco's Hot Swap, Redundant, Fault-tolerant User Configurable, Low Profile power supplies.

KLN (750W - 3KW) Datasheet
RoHS compliant, automatic crossover, low-profile, high-performance, low-cost.

KLN Extended Range (5KW - 15KW) Datasheet
Programmable output voltage, current, power via built-in LAN (LXI) digital control (optional GPIB, USB, Serial Port (RS 422/RS 485) and Isolated Analog).

KLP/KLR Power Supplies Datasheet
1200/2400W units, 1U, programmable via GPIB/LAN/RS 232.

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